Terms & Conditions
Tour prices are subject to availability of tour, airline, special economy class fare and specific airfare class availability. Prices may differ once airfare is sold out. All services are subject to availability
* A deposit of $100 per person to Global Halal Travel or your preferred GSA (Please see conditions below under GSA if you prefer dealing with a GSA in your region) is payable to arrive within three days of receiving confirmation that the company is holding space for you. An additional deposit amount and/or early deposit payment of up to $1,000 per person (for Economy Class flights) is payable within three weeks of initial deposit, depending on airline and special airfare conditions or current special. This will be advised at the time of quotation
* Global Halal Travel reserves the right to release specials which are applicable to new bookings only and existing bookings are not transferrable. Once deposit and/or airfare portion is paid, airline tickets will be issued and bookings are not transferrable to any future specials
* Passenger names must be provided exactly as per passport, including middle names, at the time of booking, as well as a valid passport copy. If you have decided not to take advantage of our air and land inclusive packages, you will be required to email a copy of your flight schedule and passport copy at time of final payment so we can arrange transfers and visas. Any spelling corrections made after a deposit is paid must be sent in writing and will incur additional fees, including any ticket reissue fees
* Global Halal Travel reserves the right to correct any errors in rates quoted or calculated, or any omissions made at any time during your booking. Any verbal quote given is an indication only of the final price and is subject to confirmation in writing
Airline schedules from different cities vary so travellers from some cities may need to make their own way to another capital city to join the tour or may require pre or post tour accommodation, a stopover or have a lengthy transit enroute to their destination. Any cost for accommodation, transportation or meals incurred will be at the Customer’s own expense. Our reservations team can assist with any of these additional services.
By making a deposit the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions and responsibilities set forth in this brochure. The client also agrees that: • All persons are fit and physically able to partake unaided in their chosen group tour as per the itinerary outlined in the Tour Dossier. • All persons travelling on a Private or Tailor-Made Tour are fit and physically able to partake unaided in their chosen itinerary. • All parties acknowledge the physical demands and hazards involved in the tour they will be undertaking and have chosen to participate at their own risk *Any Customer who requires assistance due to physical disability need to bring a family member who can take care of their needs and Global Halal Travel is will be responsible to provide personal care for physical disabilities *All parties understand that any medical or dietary information provided to Global Halal Travel does not, under any circumstances, make Global Halal Travel liable if a particular condition exacerbates while on tour or affects their ability to participate in any portion of the tour
The final balance of the travel arrangements is due at Global Halal Travel no later than 60 days prior to the confirmed tour departure date as confirmed by acceptance of the booking. Failure to pay in full by the due date may result in additional costs, which will be passed on as a late payment fee of no less than $50 per booking or cancellation at the discretion of the company. Global Halal Travel reserves the right to request a partial payment of the final balance more than 75 days prior to departure (eg: airfare portion) in the event that airline tickets need to be issued by our office or by our operators overseas due to airline ticketing time limits. Deposits and payments by credit cards will incur a fee.
Global Halal Travel offers its tour packages direct to Customers through its website and brochure. However for those who prefer dealing with a local Company in your region, we have appointed General Sales Agents (GSA’S) around the world. In the event that you prefer dealing with such GSA’s, in additional to conditions of travel and booking mentioned herein, any additional conditions that the GSA’s have may apply. With regards to payments & refunds, all such claims should be addressed to the local GSA and Global Halal Travel cannot be held responsible for default/bankruptcy of your preferred GSA
Payment must be made in full within three days after the company confirms that it is holding space. If payment is not so made, Global Halal Travel shall have the right to cancel the booking at its discretion.
The bookings may also incur additional fees including any applicable urgent visa processing fees. Global Halal Travel does not process visa applications and you need to contact the local Visa Processing Office in your Region
All Fully Inclusive Tour are based on group travel and any deviation from the set itinerary may incur additional airline ticket costs. Arrangements such as transfers, accommodation, etc. outside the set group arrangements/dates are at an additional cost.
Since 2004 airlines servicing flights to Asia & South/Central America have been charging a fuel levy surcharge, on top of the normal airline ticket price, in order to cover the increased cost of aviation fuel. As fuel prices have fluctuated, so too has the amount airlines charge for this levy. At the time of pricing, some airline fuel surcharges are included in the cost of the fare; however this amount is subject to change until your airline ticket is issued.
The following fees will apply: Amendments to confirmed and deposited itineraries outside of 60 days prior to departure - $50 per change Reissue of airline tickets – From $100 per person (other fees may apply) Once a booking is confirmed, name transfers may incur additional charges
All cancellations must be made in writing to Global Halal Travel and will be subject to the following cancellation charges from the date the written cancellation is received: 1. If airline and rail tickets are issued, up to 100% of the airfare and rail fare 2. More than 75 days prior to departure; loss of deposit plus any administration fees 3. Between 74 and 59 days prior to departure; 25% of total cost 4. Between 58 and 46 days prior to departure; 50% of total cost 5. 45 days or less prior to departure 100% of total cost 6. Any ‘no show’; 100% of total cost In the event of a cancellation any refunds will be less administration fees and any applicable amendment fees. Global Halal Travel will endeavour to recover as much as possible from suppliers to pass on to the customer. Regrettably cancellation charges and fees cannot be waived. There can be no exceptions. No refund will be made for any unused portions of the holiday after the departure date. Please note that employees of any GSA or staff of Global Halal Travel are not authorised to give any guarantees or agreements to customers in respect of refunds or any other matters.
Global Halal Travel reserves the right to cancel or vary a tour prior to departure due to insufficient numbers. In such an event, alternative guaranteed travel dates will be offered. Should these options not be acceptable Global Halal Travel will refund the full price paid, less visa cost. If a tour is cancelled or varied prior to departure due to unforeseeable circumstances such as, but not restricted to, severe weather conditions or force majeure, Global Halal Travel will refund all monies prior to departure less visa cost, fuel surcharge and any other cancellation fees levied by airlines and other third parties. Unforeseeable circumstances such as force majeure, adverse weather, flight rescheduling, hotel overbooking and faults with transportation or road conditions may also have an effect on the tour itinerary after the commencement date. Any decision made in respect of tour services by independent operators to re-route or amend the itinerary due to any of the above or similar circumstances is at the discretion of the tour service provider and Global Halal Travel shall not be liable for any claim whatsoever arising from such events
Global Halal Travel retains the right to remove customers from our group tours for reasons that impact on the enjoyment or safety of other tour members, such as, but not limited to, the physical, medical or mental inability of customers to undertake the arrangements of the tour, unsocial or unruly or criminal behaviour or the carriage of prohibited substances and materials
Hotel descriptions featured in this brochure are based on current hotel guides provided by suppliers and contractual agreements. Any facilities described are subject to change at any time. Maps and photographs are included for general information only and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, location or services. Global Halal Travel has made reasonable enquiries to verify that the descriptions and details are accurate but does not warrant that they are.
It is strongly recommended that all customers travelling with Global Halal Travel are adequately covered by insurance for the duration of their travel arrangements. Global Halal Travel cannot in any way be made liable for any additional cost incurred by the customer on any tour.
All customers are required to familiarise themselves with any health requirements specific to the countries being visited. Any pre-existing health conditions must be discussed with your doctor who can confirm your suitability to travel on your chosen tour. If you or any member of your party has any medical conditions, dietary requirement/food allergy, or disability, which may affect you while travelling, you must provide us with full details in writing prior to making your booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of your arrangements. You must also promptly advise us if there are any changes to your health that may affect your holiday after your booking has been confirmed. In the best interests of yourself and of your tour group, Global Halal Travel reserves the right to prevent you from further participation on a tour if a physical or psychological condition presents itself that significantly affects the enjoyment or wellbeing of yourself or the rest of your group. Global Halal Travel will not be liable to refund any part of the price of the tour paid by you, or on your behalf, which you have not used. You will be responsible for making alternative arrangements to accommodate any medical or dietary condition. The information provided does not, under any circumstances, make Global Halal Travel liable if your condition exacerbates or affects your ability to participate in any portion of the tour. Your medical and dietary information is collected so that we may process your booking. Your medical and dietary information will be provided to our suppliers and partners overseas for the sole purpose of endeavouring to accommodate your condition where possible.
A passport with a minimum of six months validity is required for customers travelling to all countries in our programme. If you require a visa for the county you have booked the tour for, its your responsibility to obtain the visa before you depart. Global Halal Travel cannot guarantee that any visa will be issued by the relevant authority and accepts no responsibility if a visa application is refused. Any cancellation fees or other expenses incurred by the customer due to the refusal of a visa will be entirely the customer’s liability.
All our tour prices mentioned in our website or brochure are based on twin share basis. If you are a single traveller & decide to stay in a single room, there will be additional surcharge. Single travellers on any of our Tours may avoid paying the Single Supplements by opting to travel on a ‘willing to share’ basis. Global Halal Travel will endeavour to match ‘willing to share’ travellers of the same gender booked on the same departure. In the event that we are unable to confirm a share partner, Global Halal Travel will confirm a single room in all accommodation and waive the Single Supplements.
Local tipping is customary around the world. Global Halal Travel tipping system on all Group Tours involves passengers contributing to a kitty, paid locally to the accompanying GHTC Escort who then distributes it daily to service providers on your behalf. This avoids the need for you to consider individual tipping situations daily throughout your trip.
Shopping can be fun and entertaining, especially in local markets, where international brand names can be purchased for reasonable prices. However, Global Halal Travel, its staff and employees are neither qualified nor permitted to ensure or guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased or the suitability of any retail outlets visited and the security of using a credit card to purchase such goods. In all cases the purchasing of goods and the use of a credit card for those transactions is entirely at the customer’s own risk and at all times the customer must use their own discretion.
Global Halal Travel (herewith called the Company) acts as a co-ordinator for all persons taking these tours in the making of all arrangements for transportation, sightseeing and hotel accommodation. The Company does not own, manage, control or operate any transportation vehicle, any hotel or restaurant or any other supplier of services. All receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and all services are subject to the laws of the country where the services are provided. The Company acts only as an agent for the owners, contractors and suppliers of transportation and/or other related travel services provided and assumes no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to baggage or property or for any injury, illness or death or for any damages or claims whatsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from accidents, loss, theft or damage to person or property, delays, transport failure, strikes, wars and uprisings or acts of God etc. over which the Company has no control. We strongly urge all customers to undertake a high level of personal responsibility in order to ensure that possessions, equipment and personal documents are closely monitored and protected at all times.
Please note that seatbelts are not compulsory by law in the destinations featured in this brochure and therefore the local people largely choose not to wear them. For this reason local operators may or may not have seatbelts in vehicles or they may be hidden underneath protective seat covers. It is recommended that where seatbelts are available customers must use them and remain seated at all times while the vehicle is moving. As such, customers acknowledge that seatbelts may not be available and therefore travel at their own risk. Customers warrant that they shall not make any claim howsoever arising from injury or damage in respect of, arising from or contributed to by the absence of seatbelts and hereby release Global Halal Travel from all such claims.
At Global Halal Travel we are committed to ensuring that we deal with complaints effectively and efficiently. Should the customer not be satisfied with any aspect of their arrangements they must immediately inform the accompanying GHTC Tour Escort who will endeavour to resolve the issue at the time. If this is not possible and you wish to lodge a complaint or claim this must be done in writing to Global Halal Travel by emailing to Customercare@globalhalaltravel.com within 30 days of the date of the completion of your Global Halal Travel arrangements. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim
Airlines featured in this brochure do not by virtue of their endorsement represent themselves either as contracting with any purchaser of a holiday from Global Halal Travel, or as having any legal relationship with such a purchaser. Frequent flyer miles may not be accrued on some packaged fares. Pre-flight seat allocation is not available. Schedule changes or flight cancellations are subject to the airlines policy and are outside Global Halal Travel control.
We are collecting your personal information so that we can process your booking. We will also keep you up to date with other Global Halal Travel offers and product information that may be of interest to you. You can opt out of receiving information at any time if you choose to do so.
Tour itineraries and prices in our brochure are accurate at the time of printing and prices are based on exchange rates as at 1st Jan 2019. Once a customer has paid the deposit, the standard regular price of the tour is guaranteed, subject to any increase in fuel surcharge, tax changes or levies imposed by any government or their agencies or any airline. Prices are subject to change without notice. Departure dates of tours are subject to change due to future airline schedules. Global Halal Travel reserves the right to make alterations to itineraries, departure dates and prices due to circumstances beyond their control.
If you prefer to deal with a GSA in your region, it is the GSA’s responsibility to ensure that all invoice and itinerary details and documentation issued by Global Halal Travel are correct and that the customer is aware of amendment and cancellation conditions and other clauses in these Booking Conditions.
This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia and any legal action arising therefrom shall be litigated only in the appropriate court in that state having jurisdiction in that claim.
Changes in operator land costs, airfares, taxes, fuel surcharges and currency exchange rates may affect the price of particular group tours. For these reasons, it is essential that the agent/customer reconfirms all arrangements at the time of booking and prior to paying the final payment.


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