We are Global Halal Travels
Welcome to an exciting Halal way of travelling! Global Halal Travel, part of Musafir Pty Ltd., a Melbourne, Australia based Company, is a brand new concept for the Muslim community who are interested in travelling to global destinations for relaxing holidays with family, friends or just other members of the Group drawn from around the world. With nearly 70 years of combined experience in the Travel Industry we offer comprehensive step by step carefully designed handpicked group holiday packages keeping in view your religious and cultural requirements with an Halal environment throughout your trip. Our Management Team comprises of partners drawn from all corners of the Globe including UK, Australia, North America, India, the Gulf Region and Malaysia, who are passionate to deliver top-of-the-range products at very affordable prices. By deciding to travel with us, you get the best prices for your chosen holiday destination and a memorable holiday experience.
All our packages include flights from major cities around the world, 4-5 star Hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours with plenty of bonus extras and yes, you guessed it, full Halal Delicious Meals with an emphasis on the finest local cuisine of the country you are visiting. Our tours are fully escorted by passionate, vibrant and friendly staff who will be with you throughout your tour and will take your every need into consideration. We also give you the ultimate option of combining your chosen holiday package with your Umrah or Hajj package that can be added-on at either the start or the end of your tour.
We offer another first – Gourmet Tours led by Ms. Amina Elshafei, Australian TV Personality and Islamic In-depth Tour led by renowned Islamic Scholars from around the world. We are open 24/7 and you can reach us on the listed toll-free number in your country or send us a call me request to get a call back from us or live chat with one of our friendly Travel Consultants online.
We are endorsed by leading Islamic Scholars and Mashaikhs from around the world. We aim to make your holiday experience truly marvellous and bespoke to your specifications - a rainbow of happy memories that will last you a life time.
We love to explore
Over 30 destinations to choose from based on all all-inclusive basis, so you don't have to worry about adding flights, entrance fees, paying for your meals or hiring local guides, etc.
Our Customers are our family
We promise to take care of your like a member of our family. You will have our own Tour Escorts accompanying you from the day 1 until the last day.
We pride on our Customer Service
With over 70 years experience in the Travel Industry, we know the value of good Customer Service and positive feedback from our customers.
Worldwide Network
With our own bases in UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Malaysia & India & GSA's in the rest of the world, you are in safe hands when you travel with us.
We welcome all
Although our tours are designed specifically for the Muslim community, however we welcome people of all religious faiths and background as we feel travelling together is the best way of getting to know each other and breaking religious and cultural barriers.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and I have worked in various positions around the world in the Travel Industry. Currently I run two highly successful travel companies in Australia. GHTC is 15 years in planning venture whose time has now come because we now have the technology available to make a venture of this magnitude possible
Head of Operations-Reservations

I am based in Los Angeles, California and I have over 35 years of experience in the Travel Industry. I have very good experience in heading different departments of a successful & busy Travel Company and I am in-charge of your reservations

Head of Operations - IT
I am based in Chicago, IL and I hold a Masters Degree in IT. With over 15 years experience working in IT for leading MNC’s. I am in-charge of all IT & Backoffice Support Departments
Head of Operations-Events & HR
I am based in London. I have worked in Nairobi, Dubai & London. I have wide experience in event management & HR
Head-Accounts Department
I am based in London. I have worked in the Travel Industry for over 10 years handling all aspects of a successful travel company and my specialisation is numbers crunching

Sales Manager-USA
I am based in San Antonio-Texas and I have worked for various Companies in the United States. I have great customer service skills and I will be responsible of all US based Customers
Director of Operations-Malaysian
I am based in Kuala Lumpur & I run successful companies in Malaysia & Australia. I speak Malay and I will be in-charge for all Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia based Customers
Islamic Affairs Advisor
I am a Medical Doctor by profession and a Graduate of Islamic University of Madinah. I am the founder of Mercy Mission & I will be ensuring that all the products are Halal compliant